The Coming Pagan Utopia: Christian Witness in Tough Times

The Coming Pagan Utopia: Christian Witness in Tough Times

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In this collection of lectures given at the 2013 truthXchange Think Tank, the authors analyze a variety of current utopian visions that inspire false hopes in today's culture, as well as presenting the true hopes God offers humanity. By showing the emptiness of human utopias and the glorious truth that only God's final "eu-topia" offers, these articles will equip Christians to understand false hopes and to live out the truth of the sure hope Christ offers.

Do your friends say they are "spiritual, but not religious"? Are they seized by utopian hopes that fire their imagination and drive their personal behaviour, business and politics? Such Oneist utopian visions can be found in the Green Movement, in radical sexual agendas, in a total acceptance of Darwinian Evolution, and in Eastern mystical movements, among others. The ethic of all Oneist utopias depends on the elimination of the first, all-defining statement of the Christian Creed: "I believe in God the Father, Maker of heaven and earth." Since all of these movements insist that human structures and authorities take the qualities that only God himself possesses, they are doomed to become dystopias.


  1. "The Oneist Utopia: Always a Dystopian Nightmare" - Joe Boot. 
  2. "The Ecological Utopia: 'The Earth Charter' and Global Oneist Power" - Dr. Cal Beisner
  3. "The Geo-Political Utopia: Oneism, The United Nations and World Government" - Janet Mefferd
  4. "Darwinian Evolution: A Significant Inspiration for Contemporary Oneist Utopianism?" - Dr. John West
  5. "A Twoist Model for Helping Your Utopian Neighbours" - Dr. Thaddeus Williams
  6. "The Coming Pagan Utopia" - Dr. Peter Jones
  7. "God's Final Eu-topia" - Dr. Dennis Johnson

258 pages, paperback