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Wisdom for Thinkers: An Introduction to Christian Philosophy

Wisdom for Thinkers: An Introduction to Christian Philosophy

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What is a thing? What is the nature of reality?

There are only 26 letters in the alphabet. But with those 26 letters over one million English language words can be formed. There are only 88 notes on a common keyboard. Place those notes at the disposal of trained musicians and their instruments, and Bono or Beethoven will send the soul soaring.

The numbers 0 to 9 are whole numbers. That’s all there are – 10 digits. Yet his handful of digits enables numeration to go on into infinity. Science students are intimately acquainted with the Table of Elements. Two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen form water. Without it life ceases.

Fundamentals are indispensable to acquiring knowledge. They are the steel beams within which the entire paradigm of knowledge is constructed. In this book, Willem Ouweneel introduces readers to the philosophical fundamentals that constitute the unity and diversity of reality, the sixteen different ways all things on earth exist.

207 pages, paperback

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