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From Joseph Boot

  • "This is one of the most important books written in the twenty-first century..."

    It advances the work of important twentieth-century thinkers, but more importantly, the Puritans of old, who sought to build God’s kingdom through his appointed means. May we, in this generation, join them!

    - John, Goodreads review

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  • "The most important book I’ve read all year."

    it combines a robust understanding of history and philosophy and religion with sound (historical) exposition of key biblical texts, culminating in a manifesto and a mission for Christians in the here-and-now.

    - Samuel, Goodreads review

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  • "The most thorough treatment of the two-kingdoms controversy that there is."

    In 400 pages, he details a huge number of historical, logical, and exegetical considerations. I think his case for a one kingdom theology is quite cogent. In any case, this book will have to be the starting point for any further discussion of the matter.

    - John Frame

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  • "Dr. Fenske does a quick tour of common ethical dilemmas in health care, and approaches each with kindness and compassion..."

    ...from a creational and Biblical foundation. He offers various tools to help build that foundation, then shows how they can be applied in real world situations.

    - Luke, Goodreads review

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