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Of Antichrist, and His Ruin: EBOOK

Of Antichrist, and His Ruin: EBOOK

Ezra Press

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Our contemporary English-speaking church has now, for at least a couple generations, received sensational teachings on Antichrist fabricated to sell novels and movies. This has, understandably, created a distaste for the concept, and deprived God’s people of a meaningful, biblical lens through which to consider the doctrine of Antichrist.

John Bunyan has bequeathed to us a timeless biblical category for the combustion that occurs when a wicked establishment attacks a faithful church. Antichrist endeavors to usurp Christ’s headship over His Bride, the church, “to prostrate her to his lusts, to deflower her, and to make her an adulteress.” Antichrist “hath turned the sword of the magistrate against those that keep God’s law,” rendering the state’s sword “the ruin of the good and virtuous, and a protection of the vile and base.”

EPUB format, also available in paperback

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